Hello Parent!

Do you think a child should enjoy freedom and experience realistic education? Should a child be guided onto the right path academically and socially?

Children are taken to important places in the city, in and around Chennai to experience the realistic education.

Children have visited places like Hospitals, Banks, Police Station, Railway Station, Fire Station, and Post Office and interacted directly with the Staffs and get to know their nature of work and their responsibilities. By this Children gained the practical knowledge about the system of work and got exposure to choose their career on their own.

Also Children are taken for shopping to a Supermarket to buy their needed things within the money they have brought from home. This helps them to become confident, independent and understand the value of money. It also cultivates the habit of calculating their needs within the budget. They learn to be responsible on their own and develop the tendency of helping others.  While billing, they apply their logical and arithmetic skills to complete their shopping.

Children’s view

First of all, children were excited to go for a shopping along with their classmates. They preplan and prepare a list of things which they could buy. Proudly they brought needy things for their family members.

Parents’ view

  • Children were highly disciplined in their external environment.
  • Children keenly observed the available products and decided to buy the things
  • Approached the supermarket staff without any hesitation to clarify their doubts
  • Good at making decisions to choose the products on their own