Children from Montessori gradually move to a solid foundation for a life-long learning through Edexcel, from grade 3.

Edexcel is part of Pearson and is the largest awarding body in the UK, offering world class academic qualifications including the GCSE. Pearson is a world leader in providing innovative textbooks, assessment and testing, technology solutions and integrated services to over 90 countries worldwide.

Srujana offers Edexcel’s International Primary Curriculum (Grade 3 to 5), International Lower Secondary Curriculum (Grade 6 to 8) and International GCSE (Grade 9 and 10). The Curriculum provides an international benchmark of achievement, with externally-marked achievement tests and certification at Grade 5, Grade 8 and Grade 10.

Srujana has chosen Edexcel as it a flexible curriculum which allows us to incorporate the local content into the curriculum, making the curriculum more relevant and engaging for children. The curriculum is diverse and offers a wide range of subjects at the International GCSE level, where the child can choose from 40 different subjects. This curriculum helps students to apply for higher education across the world, as it is recognised by Universities and educators worldwide. Edexcel is also committed to supporting teachers and educators in the day-to-day teaching.

Srujana provides young pupils the best foundation by combining the skill development through scientifically proven Montessori materials at the early age and a world-class education with a structured curriculum at the later age which leads to an active and creative learning journey.